Standard Career Assessment Tool

  • To assist case managers to provide appropriate and personalised career orientation and employment support, YETP offers a full scale launch of the Standard Career Assessment Tool (SCAT) in 2011/12 Programme Year. The tool helps case managers understand the potential and abilities of trainees in the following five aspects:
    • Career interests
    • Personality traits
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Career maturity
    • Potential to start a business

The assessment results will help understand the employment needs of trainees, allowing case managers to formulate or modify training and career plans which suit the needs of trainees. Trainees can contact their case managers to arrange the assessment.

Download Guidelines for Using "Standard Career Assessment Tool"

To enable Case Managers' effective mastering of the application of Standard Career Assessment Tool (SCAT), YETP organised seminar on 12 January 2024. Please click here to revisit the seminar content and download reference materials.