Provide Workplace Attachment Places

To provide trainees with an opportunity to better prepare for employment through a one-month Workplace Attachment Training (WPA). Not only can participating host organisations assist in nurturing young people, but you can also add new impetus to your organisation.

Provide Workplace Attachment Places
  • Application

    Interested host organisations may download Provision of Workplace Attachment Places Form and then return it together with a copy of valid Business Registration Certificate or a copy of Registration of an Organisation to the YETP(KLN Office) by fax (Fax No.: 2382 3121) or by mail (Address: 9/F, Kowloon East Government Offices, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon) or click here for online submission.

  • Enquiries

    2112 9932(press 2-2-2)

  • Remarks
    1. Host organisations are not allowed to engage any person who is currently working for the organisations, has worked for the organisations before or relatives of the organisations’ responsible persons as trainees under WPA of the Programme.
    2. Where necessary, host organisations may arrange orientations with trainees to consider whether they are suitable for the WPA vacancy concerned.
    3. The Programme Office may visit some of the host organisations and their trainees to update the training progress.
    4. The Programme Office will take out insurance for participating trainees covering personal injuries and accidents, and third-party liabilities.
    5. The Programme Office encourages organisations to offer an employment to trainees who have completed the WPA through YETP’s on-the-job training of 6 to 12 months.