Notes for Applicants

  1. Each trainee can only apply for one workplace attachment vacancy in a time.
  2. Trainees should also ensure the training courses that the trainees are attending / going to attend do not clash with the workplace attachment hours and allow sufficient travelling time between places of workplace attachment and training courses.
  3. Where necessary, host organisations may arrange orientations with trainees to consider whether trainees are suitable for the WPA vacancy concerned.
  4. If trainees fail to attend an orientation without prior notification to the Programme Office, they will be suspended from referral service. They have to, contact their case manager for resumption.
  5. Each WPA lasts for one month.
  6. Each trainee will be allowed to participate in WPA twice during the 12 months’ basic service period provided that he/ she has completed the first WPA with an attendance rate of 80% or above.
  7. A trainee can engage in each host organisation for training once-only.
  8. Host organisations are not allowed to engage any person who is currently working for the organisations, has worked for the organisations before or relatives of the organisations’ responsible persons as trainees under WPA of the Programme.
  9. If there is any discrepancy in job duties, WPA period, WPA hours or working location, please contact the Programme Office hotline at 2112 9932 (press 2-1-3) as soon as possible.
  10. Trainees may seek advice and assistance from their mentor or case manager if they have encountered problems at work or interpersonal relationships.

DOs & DON’Ts

  • DOs

    Bring along your YETP Trainee Card (if applicable), HK Identity Card, resume, education qualification proof and the notification of meeting;
    Pay attention to your appearance; dress in a neat and tidy way;
    Be punctual and polite; and
    If you are unable to attend the meeting as scheduled in case of sickness or emergency, you should inform the Programme Office as soon as practicable.
    On your first day of training, bring along your YETP Trainee Card (if applicable) and HK Identity Card to the host organisation and request the officer to fill in relevant information for you;
    If you are unable to attend training in any day for sickness or urgent matters, you should contact the host organisation or the Programme Office as soon as practicable;
    Follow the regulations and instructions of host organisation;
    Be punctual, polite and properly dressed;
    Be conscientious, hard-working and responsible;
    Be willing to learn and better communicate with your mentor;
    Seek advice or assistance from your mentor or case manager if you need help;
    Inquire your mentor for work arrangements in times of adverse weather and “extreme conditions”;
    Contact the Programme Office immediately when you find the job duties, training period, attachment hours or workplace is different from that informed by the Programme Office before; and
    Fill in the Claim Form for training allowance together with the host organisation upon successful completion of attachment training.
  • DON’Ts

    Conduct any hazardous working process, such as working at height, handling dangerous goods and chemicals, and operating heavy machinery;
    Work at construction site;
    Carry out illegal or immoral activities;
    Perform any outdoor work alone;
    Work outside Hong Kong; and
    Disclose confidential information of the host organisation.